The Game

After falling in her dreams, Iris awakens in her living room. She decides to call it a day and go to sleep. But as she does so, strange distortionss start happening... She ends in a twisted version of her house. As she explores this place she ends up in the living room, where she comes across a ghastly version of herself... the Shadow. She claims she can help Iris find a way out, and phases through the door that leads outside. Iris steps out of her 'house', finding herself in a foggy, humid, ghoulish land, with a tree in the middle and a doll, a book and a tire hanging from it. Where has Iris ended up in? From the Shadow, she learns she must find "them"... and come back when "the four lights shine on her".

What does that mean? A way back...?

Out of options, but determined, Iris sets out on a journey, into this REalM.

REalM Walk of Soul is a 2D surreal puzzle game set in a nightmarish world, filled with mind-breaking enigmas.

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REalM Walk of Soul is a 2D surreal puzzle game with amazing artwork that depicts a bizarre, nightmarish world. The game is inspired by the surreal indie games like Yume Nikki as well as games from the survival horror Golden Age, like Resident Evil and Silent Hill, in which exploration and attention to detail were crucial for the players to successfully clear the game. It is developed by Quantum Sheep.

REalM tells the story of Iris, a girl that wakes up after having what apparently was a nightmare. She wakes up in a twisted version of her house, and is now in another world. She encounters a Shadow, very similar to her, which tells her to"go back to the tree and find them". Soon after, Iris discovers portals that transport her to different areas of that mysterious world, and begins her journey to find the so-called effects and also to find a way back home.

The game was one of the first games to appear in the Square Enix Collective program and it is set to come out for PC on Steam on October 30 2021, with a PS4 version releasing on 2022.

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